• Sell Prestige Steeds

    We pride ourselves on offering a curated collection of high-quality, approved pre-owned bikes, complemented by unparalleled customer service that exceeds expectations.


    Our primary focus is on road bikes, we ensure each Prestige Steed meets rigorous standards of quality and performance, providing you a reliable companion for your cycling journeys.

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  • Buy your Prestige Steed

    We are keen to purchase your bikes, welcoming a diverse range of sizes, colors, and conditions.


    Reach out to us for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION quote. We value your time, offering a swift and straightforward process. Once a price is agreed upon, we provide a deposit and ensure collection within a week or sooner, minimizing any hassle and making the transition smooth and stress-free.

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  • PX - Part Exchange

    Our pioneering Part Exchange program extends beyond bikes, opening a realm of possibilities. Whether looking to swap or exchange your bike for one from our stock at trade value, or considering trading in other valuable items like cars, watches, or precious metals, we have you covered.


    With a minimum trade value of £350, and backed by our extensive network of business partners, we offer a flexible, value-driven exchange solution that’s a cut above the rest.

  • Source

    If there's a particular bike or part you're seeking, we’re here to assist. Leverage our strong network of dealers and cycling enthusiasts to find just what you need.


    Connect with us, share your requirements, and let us harness our extensive network to fulfil your specific cycling desires. Your perfect bike or part is just a conversation away.

  • Sell on your behalf

    In no rush to part with your prized bike? Let us take the reins. Discover why our consignment service is a game-changer:

    1. Entrust us with the entire process, from doorstep collection to seamless delivery.
      Leave customer inquiries and mechanical intricacies to us – we've got it covered.
    2. Leverage our extensive reach by showcasing your bike on our high-traffic website and social media platforms. We'll field questions from potential buyers and ensure your bike is in prime condition with any necessary repairs or tune-ups.
    3. Rest easy knowing we provide a generous 3-month warranty and facilitate international shipping options.
    4. Choose convenience with our flexible payment methods, encompassing cash, card, PayPal, Klarna, Crypto Currency and bank transfer.

    As for our fee? A mere 10% of the final sale price (after processing fees and delivery expenses).

  • Buy on your behalf

    Have you seen a bike you quite fancy? But the seller does not provide part exchange, a warranty or accept different payment methods? This is where we can come in and purchase the bike for you:

    1. We take care of the whole process from reaching out to the customer to delivering the bike to your doorstep.
    2. We leverage our experience in the industry to negotiate the best deal on your behalf. We also mitigate any risk of scams.
    3. We can perform any maintenance the bike requires or upgrade any parts to your taste.
    4. With us, you can skip the hassle of finding a buyer for your old bike and part exchange it with us. Saves you having to manage multiple transactions.
    5. We Provide you with a 3-month warranty on the bike.

    Our process is straightforward: a deposit is required post-agreement, with a service charge of just 10% along with collection and delivery fees.

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