Broximo Prestige Steeds was setup by Abdullah to be a one-stop shop for your cycling needs. We are passionate cyclists and enjoy getting new people into the sport as well as providing experienced cyclists with their new Steed (N+1 is the rule!). We are constantly up to date with the latest tech and have a wide range of knowledge on bikes. We are always up for a chat and offer impartial advice, even if it means recommending something which we don't stock. We aim to provide the best and most professional service for our clients with a personal touch.



Abdullah started cycling in his teens and has amassed a huge network of cyclists and knowledge on anything bikes related! He runs the business on a day to day basis as well as being responsible for all outreach and partnerships. Any queries will be dealt by him personally.

Abdullah has a background in tech and a passion for building businesses, cars and horology and is always happy to have a chat!